This issue is bittersweet for us, as it marks the last time you’ll see this e-newsletter in its current form. We are sunsetting the Going Below The Surface (GBTS) initiative after four years of lively dialogue on health spending with our GBTS partners.

We kicked off GBTS in 2018 to broaden and improve the conversation around how we use health care resources in the United States. Our aim was to better understand the roots of the nation’s health investments by promoting a discussion that is firmly based in health policy and systems research. Our goal: to provide clarity on how best to optimize health care spending so that patients receive the right care while simultaneously providing the right incentives to sustain next-generation innovation to improve patient well-being and health system efficiencies.

While we are sunsetting GBTS, our interest in continuing to nurture a productive and informed dialogue about the drivers of U.S. health care spending hasn’t waned.

We encourage you to stay engaged on the topic. We’ll continue to dig deeper on health spending research and themes, with the goal of fostering evidence-based conversations. Those questions, and those challenges, aren’t going away.

Thank you to the diverse partner organizations who collaborated with us as part of the GBTS Forum to promote dialogue, develop research and communicate about health spending topics.

Highlights from these efforts include:

  • The launch of the initiative during a conference about health spending that the National Pharmaceutical Council hosted with Health Affairs. At the event, health policy experts shared their thoughts about the importance of dialogue and the tough questions they’d like stakeholders to consider.
  • Community Roundtables on Health Care Priorities, which brought together stakeholders in cities across the United States to discuss how they can bring positive change in how we spend health care resources.
  • Roadmap to Address Low-Value Care, a guide designed to help organizations consider key goals, questions and tactics to effectively implement a plan to focus on services that enable optimal outcomes.
  • Research on the Investments and ROI of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) interventions, which considered how to design and evaluate SDOH programs from a cost perspective, better understand which “tradeoffs” with other health care spending might be most impactful, and what additional data is needed to accomplish these goals.
  • Our GBTS website, providing related news, research, events, and valuable resources. In the coming weeks, this website content will transition over to the NPC website.

We’ll be back with a different iteration of this e-newsletter at the end of October, and you’ll see one every other month.

Dialogues in Health Spending

Conversations about health spending are still bubbling across the nation, especially as the federal and state governments plan and manage their budgets for the coming fiscal year. Here are a few places where you can participate in health spending discussions: