8-step roadmap for navigating low-value care

In the United States, as much as $340 billion is spent on low-value or unnecessary care alone.

To improve how we use our resources in a way that maximizes high-value services and minimizes low-value ones, the Going Below The Surface (GBTS) Forum – a group of experts across the health care sector, including payers, provider groups and patient advocacy organizations – developed a guide, Roadmap for Addressing Low-value Care.  The Roadmap is designed to serve as a reference tool to help organizations consider key goals, questions and tactics to effectively implement a plan to focus on services that enable optimal outcomes. Catering to a broad constituency of health care stakeholders, the guide provides stakeholder-specific examples for potential interventions to reduce low-value care.

Increasing our focus on high-value care is a meaningful step in our efforts to overcome the financial challenges associated with COVID-19. We encourage organizations across the health care industry to utilize this new resource and collaborate to identify sources of wasteful or low-value care that can drive up costs and hinder improvements in patient outcomes. Addressing these inefficiencies now could ensure more patients receive optimal care at this critical time.

Learn more by downloading Roadmap for Addressing Low-Value Care here.